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Why We Usually Don’t Put Healthy Things In Vending Machines

One of the most common questions Quench gets is “Why don’t you put healthy food in your vending machines?’ The big reason why vending companies don’t use healthier foods is they don’t sell. The vending machines business would lose money if we provided only healthy items. However, Quench will stock your vending machine with a few specialty products on request. If you have a good number of people at the location of the vending machine that like a certain item, Quench will be happy to accommodate that need.

All of the items that contain Trans fat and loads of sugar and sodium are the most popular items in snack vending machines. All of the unhealthy snack items are the big sellers. A vending machines business could fill their machines with fruits and vegetables but they would become outdated. Companies have tried to sell healthier snack items and through experience these healthy items did not sell.
In Colorado a recent bill was passed prohibiting vending machines business from putting any snack items in machines that contain Trans fat. This bill is extensive and covers public schools and charter schools. Schools cannot serve any Trans fat in the cafeteria, any snack vending machines, school stores or any other food service. Trans fat is no longer allowed anywhere in or on school grounds. Schools will have bake sales throughout the year and the law does not apply to this. Vending companies are not happy about this bill that has been passed, for obvious reasons already stated. Snack vending machines in Colorado schools are especially being targeted. Researchers did a study on obesity and found that Colorado had the most adults and youth who were not obese, however Colorado Lawmakers also feel that their state is not going to stay this way because, over 20% of the youth were overweight and out of shape.

The ideal diet is no sugar, very little sodium, no caffeine, no Trans fat, no dyes, additives or preservatives and the list goes on. Fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken, turkey and decreased beef in the diet are ideal. This will certainly leave coffee vending machines out of the picture, because coffee is a loved drink by the American people and too much caffeine is not healthy. The same holds true for pop machines. Law makers can order vending companies to use decaffeinated coffee in their coffee vending machines, but the chemicals used to remove caffeine is worse than the caffeine.

More studies have concluded that in the next few years there will be even more overweight adults in America that will have hit the 500 pound mark of over being over their ideal body weight range. This is a well publicized obesity problem for adults and children alike in America. Children learn their eating habits through their parents. As an example, obesity is to blame for the recent rise of diabetes in adults and children, because of diet habits.

People are free to make choices about their eating habits and no law is going to change this. People are not going to lose weight unless they want to. People are going to buy and eat what they want. The snack vending machine companies and coffee vending machines are not the problem and it is silly to dictate what a vending company can or cannot sell. What the solution is going to be no one knows, but it is not the vending companies.