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What’s Happening at Quench Vending

The world’s largest vending machine, The BC Moments Machine, was unveiled in San Francisco May 17th. Part of British Columbia’s 100 BC Moments Campaign, the fourteen foot-tall and ten-foot wide machine, dispensed mountain bikes, British Columbia made surfboards and other pricey mementos. Designed to create interest in summer travel to British Columbia, the machine drew a crowd to the Justin Herman Plaza. Fortunate visitors left with many surprise gifts. The machine, activated randomly through out the three-day period, dispensed the gifts as long as supply lasted. The gifts very likely gave rise to dreams of vacations in B.C. this coming summer.

Certainly a spectacular example of innovation in the vending machine business, the BC Moments Machine highlights the surge of new ideas, markets and uses for vending machines. Coffee vending machines have long been a staple in business locations. Candy, snacks, food and even perishable items like fruit and sandwiches are sold in vending machines, but vending machine services are expanding into new markets. There is much more than coffee vending machines.

Vending machine services now provide packaged disposable diapers, diaper bag necessities, baby wipes, snacks, diapers, pacifiers and much more. Fishermen find live bait in vending machines on the pier. They need not waste valuable fishing time driving to a bait shop. A bakery in Los Angeles sells fresh cupcakes from a vending machine. A line forms even when the bakery is open for business. A few coffee vending machines near the bakery would be convenient.

Prescription drugs, sold from vending machines in doctor’s offices, provide convenience. A patient need not make a trip to a pharmacy. A less helpful but more creative example of vending machine services was uncovered in New Zealand. Illegal drugs were being sold from a vending machine. The proper authorities quickly shut down the activity.

Businesses use vending machines to store and inventory equipment. Taking equipment from a vending machine keeps employees accountable. Less time is spent on record keeping. There is less misplacement of tools and stock.

The vending machine business is constantly researching new products to market by vending machine, designing the type of machine to vend the product, and locating and developing the best locations to market it. The vending machine industry strives to make needed products conveniently available to the public.

The BC Moments giant vending machine is one spectacular example of what the vending machine business can do.