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Vending Services Expand with High Tech Vending Machines

Vending machines have been a staple in waiting rooms, cafeterias and break rooms worldwide for quite some time. We often rely on the ability to make any selection that we like and purchase a snack or beverage when we need a quick pick-me-up. But lately, vending service companies are doing their best to evolve with the times in order to provide high tech vending machine options for customers.

According to a September blog post on, everything from snack to soda vending machine options are going high tech by detecting and analyzing snacking habits. With the use of a small black antenna on top of the vending machine, a vending service company called Culinary Ventures Vending is tracking snack selections in order to stock favorite candy, chips and drinks options.

The company started using Wi-Fi shopkeepers to track inventory in nearly 1,100 machines about a year ago in order to make its routes more effective and profitable by delivering the products that customers want rather than having product merely gather dust in its array of snack and soda vending machine selections.

The vending service industry has recently had to evolve with the wants and needs of its ever-changing clientele by offering new healthier snack and beverage options, payment systems, and inventory tracking. The vending machine market is an $18 billion per year industry but has been on the decline since 2007 falling from nearly $23 billion. As a result of these trends, vending machine companies are feeling the need to get smarter and more efficient and to offer their customers what they really want.

Culinary Ventures machines are remotely monitored and send daily reports to computers at their warehouse. This data is fed into digital displays under snacks on warehouse shelves. Then when an employee packs a restock bin for a particular machine, a number shows up under each snack which shows which options need to be restocked. This ensures more effective use of employee time and resources and allows employees to go out on deliveries with full trucks and come back with empty trucks.

Other high tech vending machine ideas in the works include a Kraft Foods venture with Intel to create the Diji-Taste, which will offer a touch screen instead of the usual pane of glass, cashless payment options and can be programmed to run marketing campaigns for snack companies.

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