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Vending Machine for Quirky Book Lovers: The Biblio-Mat Unveiled

Interesting and unique vending machine services are nothing new. Depending on where you’re located across the globe you may have access to an array of out-of-the-ordinary vending machines. From machines that dispense condoms to birth control to live crabs or umbrellas, vending machines offer an assortment of products to appeal to a very diversified and mass audience.

This once again holds true with the emergence of a machine called the Biblio-mat. According to a November blog post on, a book store in Toronto called the Monkey’s Paw that offers a notoriously eclectic selection of rare books and unusual window displays is getting into the vending machines business by creating the world’s first and only book vending machine called the Biblio-mat. 

The Biblio-mat was unveiled only a few weeks ago and is already creating a buzz, not only in Toronto but throughout Canada and into the U.S as well. This particular vending machine drops books rather than the more traditional snacks or beverages. For $2 you will receive a mystery book out of the 100 or so titles that the machine currently holds. The bookstore mainly appeals to weird non-fiction readers, so most of the books dispensed are usually along these lines, are large or small and are mostly hardcover editions.

There is no selection process when it comes to the Biblio-mat however. So when you insert your money, there are no guarantees as to what is going to appear before you. The Biblio-mat pops out whatever book it chooses. It’s a book crap shoot which is also somewhat of the appeal.

“It’s an extension of the shop,” said owner Stephen Fowler, “people come here expecting to be startled.”

The owner handpicks all the books that are placed into the vending machine and admits that they are mostly interesting and old books that don’t quite meet the standard of their regularly stocked books but are still too good to throw away.  Fowler believes that it’s a very clever take on the book-buying process and believes that the Biblio-mat will dispense whatever book is somehow meant for you.  While some customers have been happy with their selections and some have not, it is quite the ‘novel’ idea and is bringing in customers far and wide that want to visit the world’s first book vending machine.

Kasaa via Compfight

Sarah Wozniak

Staff Writer, Page1 Online Marketing