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Vending Machine Dispenses a New Kind of Candy—The Digital Kind

When we were kids, it was a pleasure to put a quarter in the slot, turn the handle, and get a small handful of some sugary treat. Maybe it was Reese’s Pieces. Maybe it was M&Ms. Maybe it was salted nuts. Whatever we ended up with pleased our palate and made us happy.

Part of the beauty of vending machines and vending services, especially for kids, is that little surprise. Remember those candy vending machines that would also dole out some random prize? It didn’t matter that it was a small and relatively cheap toy—it was fun!

Now, a company called Razorfish has put a new spin on vending services, releasing candy vending machines that dispenses digital candy in the form of songs, games, and apps for smart phones.

Digital Candy?
Yup, it’s digital candy. These vending machines from Razorfish, at the cost of a quarter, will give your smartphone a random treat. It might be an eBook, a movie, a hit song, or a game from an up-and-coming indie developer. They are likely to strike a chord with a number of demographics, especially adults who yearn from a “blast from the past” vending experience. While they are basically a novelty service, the market is strong, and the machines may be extremely profitable vending machines. Developers want their apps out there; musicians want their songs in peoples’ earbuds; writers want their work to be read. Instead of vendors paying for product, the developers might even pay the distributors for the privilege to put their content in front of smart phone users. The result would be an extremely profitable enterprise, a step up from the candy vending machines of old.

A Tactile Storefront for Virtual Goods
The Razorfish invention continues the trend of putting tactile storefront experiences on virtual goods. Consumable products are becoming increasingly virtual in nature. Think about it: If you own an iPad or smart phone, your movies, music, books and even video games are all being piped into one machine. Ten years ago, you’d run to Blockbuster, then to Tower Records, then to Barnes & Noble, then to GameStop just to get products you can purchase at the touch of a button now.

The Changing Face of Vending
Candy vending machines just aren’t what they used to be. As vending services evolve, it’s fun to see new ways to deliver products that people love. Vending machines, candy vending machines, vending services