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Trends in Vending Machines: Most Popular and Profitable Vending Machine Items

Vending machines are a staple in our everyday lives. Regardless of where we go, we will often come across a machine that is vending some sort of product. You can purchase anything from snacks, beverages, DVD’s, fresh fruit, and even contraceptives. And they can be found just about everywhere as well. Whether it’s the office, the mall, factories, or grocery stores there is usually an array of vending machines offering a selection of products. There are even vending machines in schools that let student choose what type of snacks and beverages they would like to consume during the school day.

It makes purchasing a variety of products a cinch, and as a result annually more than $21 billion is spent through vending machines. As a result, vending machine services can be quite profitable business to get involved with. Here is a list of the most profitable types of products that are currently being vended.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is currently the most lucrative vending machine product, due to its excellent profit margins. It normally costs around $.17 per bottle and can sell for around $1 per bottle which offers quite the profit margin. Enough bottles of water must be sold to see the profits start to roll, but once they do bottled water as a vending item is hard to compete with. However, vending bottled water can be more difficult in locations that offer free water through water fountains or water coolers.

Sodas and Energy Drinks

Soda and energy drinks are traditionally extremely popular and profitable vending items. Normally a soda vending machine will cost around $3000 to purchase but can yield up to $8000 per year. The secret to a profitable energy drink or soda vending machine is finding an excellent location that hasn’t already been tapped into. Having access to several machines vending these types of products is even better.

Healthy Items

People are becoming a lot more health conscious and as a result so are vending machine items. Products such as nuts, dried fruits, granola bars, fat-free and other organic products offer an alternative to the traditional sweet and fatty treats often dispensed by vending machines. As a result healthy treats are becoming a much more profitable vending item and are continuing to rise in popularity, especially in white collar office where tenants have a tendency to be more health conscious.


Factories remain the most profitable place to have a vending machine located, especially in a break room. Blue collar workers have a tendency to skip lunch and instead purchase meals and/or snacks from a vending machine. For the most part they are not as health conscious and once they find their favorite items, they tend to stick with them for a while. This often makes servicing your vending machine a simple and profitable task.

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Sarah Wozniak

Staff Writer, Page1 Online Marketing