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To Regulate or Not

Many of us grew up having snacks available in school. These snacks may have come to us via a bake sale or the school cafeteria. In our current day and age, vending machines are everywhere, including our schools. Vending machines in schools make it easy and simple for the snacks to be sold to the students. Costs are reduced, and efficiency is increased. However, as you probably already know, obesity is on the rise here in the States. This factor includes school children. The improper diets and lack of physical activity are starting at a very early age. Many state governments are stepping into the issue of the school vending service. In this post, we will point out a few highlights of the issue and what the regulations seek to accomplish.


School vending machines in states where there are no regulations contain many sugary and junky snack options for the students. This category includes the soda vending machines. These sugary snacks can be effortlessly purchased by the students. Without regulations, there will often not be enough healthful snack options for the students, and the unhealthful choices will take up all of the room. Soda vending machines will take up room that could be used to offer better options.


The above are the reasons that many state governments have decided to step in with vending machines in schools. A vending service can be a good thing.  The purpose of the regulations in these states is to merely establish a few guidelines to offer better choices for the students. Under the policies, the vending machines will be stocked with more nutritionally sound choices. Limits will be placed on soda vending machines in schools.


You may be asking yourself, “Is this fair?” Well, students can’t purchase healthier options if they are not available. These regulations are more a positive thing than negative. Yes, some options will be taken away, but they will be replaced with better options.


Ultimately, it is the parents’ responsibility to teach their kids the importance of proper nutritional habits. They can establish these good habits in the home at an early age. The vending service regulations are not intended as a substitute for parental guidance, but rather a help to the parents. Parents who have taught their children these habits will be grateful for the new options coming down the road.