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Tips for Un-Jamming a Vending Machine

Not only are vending machines popular with those who choose to utilize them to purchase items but they are also a popular and quite lucrative investment for those who prefer to own their own vending machines. Vending machine services are quickly becoming one of the most well-known and profitable ways to make passive income. However, there are a number of issues with vending machines that need to be considered before purchasing. Vending machines often need maintenance and repair and know-how when it comes to these issues is a definite asset.

One of the most common maintenance-type issues that owners of vending machines come across is a jammed machine. Here are some common troubleshooting and fix-it solutions for if and when your machine gets jammed. 

If your machine fails to vend then your first solution is to make sure that snacks or items are properly positioned inside of the snack machine. Access the machine with the key and open the front door. Slide the top tray out and position items straight inside the coils from back to front. Try not to leave any coil empty as this often causes jams in the machine.

If there is still an issue and this doesn’t seem to have worked, the best option is to reset the vending machine’s motor which will restore it back to its factory setting.

If an item still becomes jammed after ensuring that items are stored properly in the machine turn the machine’s power off, pull it away from the wall, unscrew the access panel, and refer to the vending machine’s instruction guide to help you locate your particular model’s motor.

Remove the motor’s cover panel and reassemble any motor notches that are out of position. This will help to ensure that all notches are in place. Make sure that the key notch faces the twelve o’clock position. Once this notch is back in its factory setting position, all other notches will also reposition back into place. Once this is done shut the motor door.

Inside the vending machine display area, clear the item that is causing the jam. Once the item is cleared, close and lock the display door or any other entry point to the machine and switch power back on to your vending machine.

If you still are having issues at this point in time, it’s best to contact the vending machine manufacturer.

Matt Katzenberger via Compfight

Sarah Wozniak

Staff Writer, Page1 Online Marketing