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The World of Collectible Antique Vending Machines

Vending machines have many purposes. Not only do they dispense an array of wonderful and essential products but older versions are also quite collectible if they remain in tip-top shape. There is a large following when it comes to collecting, selling and restoring antique vending machines and the popularity and demand continues to increase worldwide when it comes to antique vending machines.

According to a recent blog post on Hubpages, there are many different types of collectible antique vending machines that exist today. Old fashioned soda and snack vending machines are some of the most popular, however, there is a vast array of types, sizes, shapes, functions, and technology when it comes to antique and collectible vending machines. Some of the most popular include antique Coca-Cola pop machines, vending fridges, iceboxes, antique cigarette vending machines, arcade vending machines and jukeboxes. 

Depending on the condition of these machines they can also be quite valuable as well. Antique vending machines that are maintained in their original mint condition are particularly valuable and sought after by vending services enthusiasts and collectors. In order to get top dollar for an antique vending machine however, they need to be in good working condition and in their original form as much as possible. These types of top-quality machines are becoming less and less available as time progresses, which continues to make them worth more money.

Usually, antique vending machines will require a bit of work or restoration to bring it back to its previous glory. These restored and repaired machines are also sold to collectors and while they’re not as rare as antique vending machines in their original form, they can also have a hefty price tag as well. There are certain types and models of antique vending machines that are quite rare and therefore worth a pretty penny if they have been restored or repaired.

If you have an antique vending machine that you would like restored or appraised check your local online listings to find an antique vending services professional. Who knows, you could have a gold mine sitting in your garage in the form of that old-fashioned Coke machine!

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Sarah Wozniak

Staff Writer, Page1 Online Marketing