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The Colorado Sugar Tax and Ever-Increasing Prices

Everyone loves chocolate. Chocolate has been shown to be a natural mood-elevator, helping those who consume it to feel lifted when they are down. The sweet stuff also has cancer-fighting properties. Chocolate is chock-full of anti-oxidants that have been scientifically proven to lower the risk of certain types of cancers. However, thanks largely to laws such as the Colorado “Sugar Tax,” the price of even the most inexpensive chocolate is on the rise.

In 2010, as is the case in most states, state sales tax is charged on all goods except for foods. Before this time, vending machine companies did not have to worry about sales tax on their candies and sodas. However, in 2010, Colorado legislators lifted the ban on sales taxes on these items. Individuals began paying a 2.9 percent sales tax on all of their chocolates. Items bought in store see an increase at checkout. Items bought through snack vending machines are largely charged more from the outset.

Vending services are popular for a number of reasons. Snack vending machines offer convenience to all people who are on the go. Those who are in the midst of a frantic workday can count on vending machine companies to provide them with a quick snack that can keep their energy levels elevated so that they can continue about their productive days. Busy moms may not have time to stop and have a robust snack as they conduct their numerous errands, and can find themselves relying upon these vending services until they have the ability to consume a sit-down meal. Students often use snack vending machines as a way to refuel between classes or while spending long-hours studying. The ease and convenience is no question for any of these situations.

Cost has always been a factor for those using vending services as well. Vending machine companies have long kept prices down, which allows their customers to purchase quick snacks with change from their pockets or that bottom of their handbags. Today, this is seldom the case. Only a few short years ago, a chocolate bar through a vending machine was well under a dollar. Now, many vending machines are outfitted with credit and debit card readers, because few people carry the amount of “change” it takes to purchase a sweet snack.

Lawmakers in Colorado say that their tax is aimed at targeting obesity as well as adding to the state budget. Indeed, the tax currently brings in several million dollars, which is helpful to the state. Those who rely upon easy snacks may not agree. A recent study conducted by Rasmussen Reports found that the majority of individuals in the U.S. do not wish to pay a snack tax. Further, there has been no evidence that taxing sweets curbs their consumption or lowers the rate of obesity. However, until these taxes are lifted, prices on vending machine chocolates will most likely continue to rise.