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The Charity Vending Machine: Make Charitable Contributions through Vending Services

The holiday season brings out the best in us all and that usually means increases in charitable giving and contributions to worthy organizations. The holiday season is the giving season when it comes to Individuals and businesses alike. However, now there is a new way to donate to your favorite charities without writing a check and it’s called Charitable Vending.

According to a blog post on, a vending service company is helping business across the country provide free vending services for their employees and visitors while simultaneously raising funds for charities of their choice. Charitable Vending is a fundraising branch of the Wittern Group which is a collective of vending machine manufacturers from Des Moines, IA. They have been in business since 1931.

It works like this: When businesses are willing to sacrifice a little bit of space in their office, Charitable Vending provides free vending machines designed to raise funds for a charity of the business’ choosing. Each of these charitable machines has a custom front panel that highlights the emblem of the business or charity selected, a donation box, and an array of snacks for employees or patrons to enjoy.

These are anything but your typical candy vending machines.

100% of the money put into the donation boxes are given to charity, as well as 10% of the overall profits created by the machine and businesses are not charged for the service. If a business wants to own the machine, Charitable Vending provides affordable leasing options that allow the profits from the first sales to pay the balance.

“We started Charitable Vending two years ago because my wife wanted to help out our local animal shelter. We put a custom vending machine outside of the shelter with a patented donation box attached, and within days we were already able to donate a fair amount to the organization. In the years since, we have placed free vending machines all over the country to the benefit of everyone involved. The vending donation program offers businesses a way to help charities without having to write a check. It is a win-win for everyone,” said Bill Fankell, the National Director of Charitable Vending.

A creative way to offer snacks to employees as well as donate to their favorite charities without writing a single check, it’s a win-win situation and a service to many.

Peter Morgan via Compfight

Sarah Wozniak

Staff Writer, Page1 Online Marketing