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TBS Gives Away Limited Edition Conan O’Brien Tee Shirts in Vending Machines

If you live in the Chicago area then you might have noticed some Misplaced Vending Machines. The Just for Laughs Comedy Festival is hitting Chicago this week, and signs of it are everywhere, literally invading the Downtown area!

One of the biggest and most elaborate television show promotions I have ever heard of, there could only be one person behind all of the madness, one certain ginger-haired comedian who is responsible for the frenzy… TBS’s most recognizable faces, the one and only Conan O’Brien.

When I think about “Vending service”, I think “snack machine”, chips, cookies, candy, soda, etc. all of the normal vending services that you would see offered everywhere, when Conan thinks about vending service, a that isn’t what comes to mind, instead “promoting”. For his TBS talk show, “Conan”, vending machines are being used for a promotion, Conan O’Brien’s week of taping, he will be bringing his show to the Chicago Theater to kick off the 2012 edition of, “The TBS Just For Laughs Comedy Festival”.

These machines give a whole new meaning to vending service, they are no snack machine although they work the same, these machines are for clothing! Now here is the deal… Each week during the Late-night series of shows, June, 11 – June, 14, Conan will reveal a secret code. Codes can be entered into the vending machines located throughout Chicago, or, according to “Team CoCo”, through virtual machines at their website.

There are 10 machines scattered around downtown. They will be very easy to spot looking just like a snack machine, but as soon as you get close enough to start inspecting it, you’ll notice the ginger-haired, face of Conan plastered around the machines. The machines will be stocked with t-shirts, also with the face of comedy plastered on all of them!

I have to say, this t-shirt giveaway is a great way for Team Coco to showcase some of the amazing artwork created by the show’s fans. There are eight different t-shirts in the Chicago giveaway, but you can only get four through the virtual machines online.

So if you know you have to have one, then you better get to it early, the t-shirts are on a first come basis! For those of you looking for a machine, you can find four on the blocks between 400 and 700 North Michigan Ave., and others are at Navy Pier, Prudential Plaza, the Chicago Theater, Union Station, Wrigley Field and the Thompson Center.