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Sweets is the Word: Candy Vending Machines take it to the Next Level

Despite the fact that you can purchase just about anything from a vending machine these days, candy vending machines are still one of the most popular types of machines in the industry. From an array of candy bars and gumballs to juice and soda, people just can’t seem to get enough sugar, especially if they can slip a dollar bill into a vending machine and eat it on the go.

There are several companies that realize sugar is the way to many people’s hearts and as a result are offering unique sweets in their one-of-a-kind candy vending machines including a gourmet jelly bean experience and something referred to as a cupcake ATM.

Jelly Belly Bulk Vend Machine

Fans of the popular and timeless Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans will be thrilled to hear that Jelly Belly just recently rolled out the Jelly Belly Bulk Vend Machine which gives customers the opportunity to create their own jelly bean mixes.  The machine uses a ‘robot arm’ to collect the beans behind a clear panel so customers can see their selections along with the mixing process. The robotic arm moves forward, backward, left, and right to fill up a cup with the jelly bean types the customer prefers and delivers it to the door where it can be retrieved.

Cupcake ATM

Sprinkles Cupcakes, which has 10 locations across the country, is proud to offer their sweet-toothed customers the opportunity to purchase their cupcakes from vending machines, otherwise known as cupcake ATM’s. They currently have two cupcake ATM’s, one in Beverly Hills and one in Chicago. The machine looks like an ATM and plays in a singsong voice “I Love Sprinkles!” when a customer approaches.

Using a touch screen you can pick the cupcake you want from a dozen or so choices including a doggie cupcake. You then swipe your credit card a live feed of the robotic arm inside retrieving your cupcake pops onto the screen. Your selected cupcake is then placed in a pink cylinder, which rotates to open and your cupcake is presented to you in a small brown box. Each Cupcake ATM sells 800 to 1000 cupcakes a day making this sweet ATM vending service very popular and profitable.

So next time you have a sweet tooth keep these revolutionary new candy vending machines in mind.