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Straight from the Headlines: Severed Digits Threatened to Desecrators of Tokyo Vending Machines

Ever since they were invented, vending machines have made an impact on the everyday lives of many. Not only that, but vending machines also play a large role in modern culture and trends as well. Due to a vending machines ease of use and simple machinery, there are many types and versions located throughout the globe and as a result vending machines can oftentimes be found in an array of news stories and reports.  Here is one such example.

According to a January blog post on, in Akihabara Electric Town in Tokyo, there is a group of infamous vending machines that are protected by thugs that apparently don’t have much of a sense of humor. Since the invention of vending machine services, vending machines have been the victims of desecration by way of graffiti and bodily fluids. However, in a small corner of Tokyo a group of vending machines are being protected by brutal forces that have no patience for graffiti. The following warnings are therefore visibly posted throughout the area in yellow tape: 

“Post no bills or we cut off your fingers.”

“Whether a man or woman, anyone caught making graffiti will have their genitals cut off with a carving knife.”

“Any posters, doodles, or bad art on this snack machine will result in chopping off all your fingers and toes.”

“This is not a toilet. Anyone peeing or crapping, regardless of gender, will have crotch and face photos and videos permanently and publicly posted.”

The reasoning behind such harsh threats and warnings in order to protect a group of vending machines is not known. While we agree that mistreating vending machines is in poor taste, we’re just not sure if cutting off fingers and toes and public humiliation are adequate repercussions.

vonderauvisuals via Compfight

Sarah Wozniak

Staff Writer, Page1 Online Marketing