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Straight from the Headlines: MacBook Vending Machine

As mentioned in our previous blog post, vending machines play a large role in modern culture and trends. Due to a vending machines ease of use and simple machinery, there are many types and versions located throughout the globe and as a result vending machines can oftentimes be found in an array of news stories and reports.  Here is another example of vending machine services in the headlines.

According to a January blog post on, there is a new type of vending machine that is getting college students excited about vending machine services at Drexel University. Previously, there have been plenty of examples of vending machines that dispense Apple products such as iPod vending in airports and iPad vending in Macy’s, however a new MacBook vending machine is not only increasing on-campus safety but creating quite a buzz.

A vending machine found on Drexel University’s campus is vending MacBooks and is intended to help students increase on-campus safety. Students concerned about carrying their own laptops between buildings on campus can now just use laptops dispensed from these MacBook vending machines.

The kiosk holds 12 MacBooks at once and will let anyone with a Drexel ID borrow a laptop for up to five hours with a $5 charge for late returns. Once they’ve been returned, they get charged and wiped of any data. Therefore future renters have no need to worry about dead batteries or data security issues.

This new MacBook loaner program runs 24 hours a day and does not require human interaction, therefore keeping costs low. For procrastinators or late night studiers, the new MacBook vending has been a godsend and has also helped protect a number of students’ prized laptops from being stolen, lost or damaged while making their rounds across campus.

Currently there is only one MacBook vending machine on campus, but if well-received Drexel plans on adding more.

Thiago Martins via Compfight

Sarah Wozniak

Staff Writer, Page1 Online Marketing