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Seattle’s Best Branches Out With Vending Machines

Seattle’s Best Coffee is always looking for new ways to provide coffee for people who love their daily cuppa joe. Consumers who want coffee on the go have provided a new niche in the industry, as Seattle’s Best is preparing to place thousands of coffee vending machines in drug, grocery, and large merchant stores across the country. These vending machines will first be found on the West Coast and in the Northeast, and depending on their success, they will probably quickly be found throughout the United States. Taking advantage of the potential of vending services could pay off big in our coffee-addicted society.

Seattle’s Best is partnering with Coinstar’s vending services to launch this new venture. These two companies performed a pilot test to see whether the market would respond well to the idea of coffee vending machines. The vending machines are capable of grinding and brewing whole beans as needed. Customers can find a wide variety of drinks, including mochas, lattes, and regular coffee. The company is also exploring the possibility of serving iced drinks. Right now, prices remain relatively low: $1.00 for a standard cup of coffee, and $1.50 for fancier drinks.

This new venture shows how far Seattle’s Best Coffee has come from its early days. Founded on Vashon Island in Washington State, the company began as a local coffee and ice cream shop in the 1960s. The founder, Jim Stewart, teamed up with his brother Dave, sold the original shop, and opened a new store on Pier 70, which is located on the waterfront in Seattle. After winning a competition in 1991, the company changed its name to Seattle’s Best Coffee. Business boomed as the company sold thousands of cups of coffee. In 2003, Seattle’s Best Coffee was purchased by Starbucks, and it remains a wholly owned subsidiary with less expensive drinks than the parent company.

Now that Seattle’s Best Coffee will be made available in coffee vending machines, customers will have even faster access to this highly popular beverage. Vending services are a growing industry as businesses realize the potential of keeping food and drinks ready for our society that stays on the move. By providing coffee in vending machines, Seattle’s Best plans to continue expanding its services to reach this marketing niche of today’s fast-paced society.