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Rugbeer: the Vending Machine That You Have To Hit

Cerveza Salta is a popular beer in northern Argentina, and it is getting a lot more popular with their dramatic new advertising campaign aimed squarely at rugby fans. They have made a vending machine that the customer has to tackle it to get their beer.

Most vending machines are not designed to take much abuse. This machine, the Rugbeer, demands it. It is a pop machine that the customer has to pop in the face to get what they want. After they give it the money, they are required to tackle the vending machine at speed. A meter on the front lets them know how hard they hit. The Rugbeer calls it a “pussy-meter,” and it is judgmental. The meter lights up and gives them their rating, all the way from chicken to bull, and they get their beer, if they hit hard enough. A weak tackle does not deserve a beer, and will not get one.

There is nothing that could please a rugby fan more than that. Not only do they get a beer, they earn it, prove they deserve it, and work up a thirst for it all at the same time. Rugby is much more popular in the north of Argentina than soccer, more popular than almost anything but beer.

The Oglivy creative agency devises promotional vending services for the Cerveza Salta brand, and they have delivered a solid hit this time. Sales have gone up 25% at bars which feature this vending machine, and customers are hugely satisfied.

It is unknown at this time how many customers have injured themselves on this machine, and in the American retail environment that is, unfortunately, an important question. The Oglivy agency has obviously stumbled onto a thrilling and effective new vending services platform. It remains to be seen if this is directly applicable in places with different liability laws. As further research comes to light, one can only hope that the United States of America can join in the fun.

After all, new vending machines with cutting edge features are appearing in the American market. There is now a promotional Coca Cola pop machine that requires a hug before it dispenses a beverage. One can only hope that no-one mistakes the pop machine that needs a hug with the beer machine that one that tackled, but that is part of the point. Vending services are developing more personality, because it helps them to sell product in a crowded retail environment. In a world of media saturation, consumer decisions are made more and more on basis of personality. Cerveza Salta, and the Oglivy creative agency, understand that a little better than most.