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Pizza Vending Machines

Sometimes nothing sounds more delicious than your own pizza, but the problem is, the nearest pizza delivery location is closed, and you just don’t want to drive all the way across town in order to pick up the pizza. If this was ever the case, your only other option was to pick up a frozen pizza from the local convenient store, toss it in the microwave, and complain about it afterwords, as it just doesn’t taste the same.

There is another option though, as Let’s Pizza has just come up with something that might completely change the way you think about purchasing a pizza. It is known as a pizza vending machine and provides you with delicious pizza, when you need it, without having to tip a delivery driver or track down the nearest pizza restaurant. The snack vending machine is perfect when you need a full meal or just have the munchies and need something to grub on.

Chances are, when you hear the words “Pizza Vending Machine,” you automatically think it is going to be cold, stale and old. This is not the case, as the pizza offered through the snack vending machine is ready in just over two minutes, providing you with hot pizza ready to eat.

To ensure the pizza is always freshly made, the vending machine actually produces the pizza right in front of you. It kneads the dough, adds the tomato sauce and tosses on the toppings. Once done, it bakes the pizza, depending on the necessary length of time and temperature (due to the toppings you select), and once complete, is discharged through the insulated to-go box. On top of this, you are able to purchase a disposable cutter, should you want to cut the pizza and don’t have the proper utensils.

You may wonder how the vending services machine is able to cook a full pizza in enough time, as a standard microwave and oven just isn’t able to cook food this quickly. The Let’s Pizza snack vending machine uses an infrared oven to speed up the cooking process.

The vending services have been available throughout Europe as a test market, and now that it has been deemed a success, Let’s Pizza is now moving it towards the United States. If it takes off in the United States, the vending services will appear in just about every convenience store nearby, as there are just those times where you want a pizza, but aren’t able to make it to the necessary location serving pizza.