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Pizza Vending Machines Offers Revolutionary Pizza Delivery and Business Model

In an ever-evolving and technologically advanced world, every aspect of our lives is constantly changing and becoming easier, convenient and user-friendly. This even includes pizza delivery systems. According to a blog post on, a snack vending service called A1 Concepts is developing and introducing a new, revolutionary pizza vending machine

The vending machines referred to as “Let’s Pizza” will allow customers to purchase a fresh pizza at a suggested retail price per pie of $5.95. As with all other snack vending machines, the process will be simple and quick, taking an estimated two and a half minutes to produce and vend the pizza.

There are skeptics, however. Many wonder if pizza dispensed through a vending machine will be a quality product. In addition, the styles and varieties of pizza and toppings will also be limited. But these arguments are not dissuading A1 Concepts as they are planning to introduce their vending machines to American markets. They believe that if the machine does actually catch on, they might be able to continue advancing the technology and reduce the price of the pizza dispensed from their machines.

But there are also benefits as well. With this vending service business model there is no need to hire workers, no need to purchase real estate, no real estate maintenance, there is easy 24-hour availability, and less lag-time between placing the order and eating the pizza.

However, Analyst Steve Anderson at Miller Tabak is skeptical of the idea that vending machines could replace the major pizza chains. “I think it’s going to boil down to taste. The movie from a Redbox machine is the same movie you’d rent from Blockbuster 10-15 years ago, but I’m not sure the pizza from a vending machine will be the same as the one delivered to you,” he said.

Other fast food chains might want to take the business model into consideration as many, such as Wendy’s are looking for ways to make themselves more competitive in an ever-evolving industry. Reinvention is the key to staying relevant in a word that is constantly clamoring to the next level of technological advancements.

And while purchasing pizza from a vending machine may sound crazy, so did the idea of renting movies from a kiosk-style vending machine and just look at the popularity of Redbox-type movie vending services.

Creative Commons License Sebastian Mary via Compfight

Sarah Wozniak

Staff Writer, Page1 Online Marketing