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Office Coffee Vending Machines: Good Idea or Bad?

Coffee is how many people start their day. For some it may be as important as their morning shower or breakfast. Without it many may feel slow, sluggish or unable to start their day. But many employers often wonder if they should the supply the office coffee, install office coffee vending machines or just let the employees supply their own. So are office coffee vending machines a good idea or bad?

Employers have the choice of either providing vending machine services to sell coffee to employees, offering coffee from a coffee cart or having employers provide their own. There are pros and cons to each of these approaches but the bottom line remains the same, coffee in the workplace is a necessity.

Ease of Use

Office coffee vending machines provide everything needed to ensure that employees get exactly what they want from their morning coffee. Vending services provide an array of types of coffees, add-ons such as milks and creamers, iced coffee as well as hot coffee options. You can request just about anything that anybody wants from vending machine companies. It’s all provided and delivered with no muss or fuss.


An office coffee vending machine can reduce the amount of time it takes for employees to brew their own coffee. It also reduces the amount of time it takes to provide all employees with exactly what they want in regards to their coffee preferences. If employees provide coffee themselves it usually requires somebody going to the store and taking requests and suggestions to ensure that everybody gets what they want. This can often take a lot of office time and resources and still doesn’t ensure that everybody is getting what they want.

Employee Cost

An obvious disadvantage to office vending services is the cost for employees. In order to get their daily coffee they’ll need to remember to bring change or bills to make their purchases. When an office provides the coffee instead of making employees pay for it, it’s a work benefit that can increase employee satisfaction.

Clean Up

Office coffee vending machines eliminate the need for cleaning up the manual coffee station. A coffee machine can pour coffee into a cup that has a securely attached lid, and usually eradicates coffees pills and messes which can protect office carpets, floors and counter tops.


Coffee machines provided by vending machine companies can often reduce office conflict. If an employee drinks all the coffee and fails to make a new pot or if an employee makes one kind of coffee but another that a different employee might prefer, conflict can often result. By providing coffee vending services, an employer can avoid a lot of headaches and instead focus on the tasks at hand.

Keeping all of these pros and cons in mind, you can decide if office coffee vending machines are right for your office or if you prefer another option.