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Not Just Your Run-of-the-Mill Vending Machines

The pop machine is by far the most popular type of vending machine.  Remember when you were a kid and you asked your mom for change in order to get that ice cold can of soda?  I think that is a childhood memory that we all share.  Vending services, however, have come a long way since the classic pop machineVending machine companies are starting to get really creative with what they offer.  Drink sales make up just one end of the spectrum of today’s vending services.  These days, there are vending machines that sell almost anything you can think of.


Those of us with a sweet tooth can totally understand those late-night cravings for sweet treats.  One cupcake shop in Los Angeles has a new addition with these cravings in mind.  Since the shop is not open around-the-clock, the owners decided to introduce the “cupcake ATM.”  This “ATM” allows after-hours customers to purchase cupcakes from the machine using a touchscreen and a credit card reader.  The selected cupcake is then dispensed to the customer.  Talk about unusual…and cool for that matter.  This type of technology makes the classic pop machine seem almost archaic.  Every guy out there with a special woman in his life knows that last-minute panic of forgetting the flowers for that special occasion.  Some airports in Tennessee have a solution to this problem.  Vending machine companies have partnered with flower shops to install fresh-flower vending services.  Yes, you understood that correctly.  In these machines, the bouquets of flowers are kept fresh by refrigeration units.  The customer can choose the bouquet he wants by looking through the transparent display.  Now you can purchase flowers even before leaving the airport.


Vending services such as these really make life easier for many consumers.  One more unusual example for you.  We all know the feeling of stopping to fill up with gas and going inside the convenience store to purchase a cold drink.  One regional gas station chain in North Carolina has a solution to this problem:  providing vending services right at the pump.  Customers can now purchase drinks at the pump while pumping gas instead of having to go inside the convenience store.  What would we have done before this option?  Who knows?  These are just a few examples of unusual vending services out there.  There are many more.  Vending machine companies such as Quench Beverage & Snack are part of a fascinating and quickly-developing industry.