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New Healthy Options from East/West Coasts May Change Vending

It’s easy to toss out glittering generalities when you’re trying to sell food in snack vending machines. One sales pitch involved the use of “No Trans Fat!” when selling items such as potato chips, candy bars, etc. While that may sound dubious (it isn’t; it’s true), and while it may be easy to accuse big name snack manufacturers of propagating unhealthy foods, the health food industry is no exception. “Holistic,” “Low fat,” “Healthy,” etc. are easy adjectives that can be, sometimes, meaningless in sales pitches.

One word, however, “separates the men from the boys” when it comes to health food: organic. That adjective comes at a steep price of manpower and time for companies who wish to provide genuinely healthy vending machine services to consumers. Now, two companies have announced snack vending machines centered on organic selections.


What is Organic?

“Organic” describes an extra-natural process of brining foods to consumers. In the United States, a food must be certified organic by the FDA before that adjective can be used. Organic certification in this country is complex; mostly, it means that no pesticides were used in the food’s preparation. The organic certification normally indicates a more high quality, healthy food selection.


From Sunny San Diego 

The company is Fresh Healthy Vending. Its products are largely organic. It is distributing organic foods using franchised vending machine services to distribute organic coffees and healthy snacks. The company has targeted offices, retail stores, grocery stores, etc. as prime candidates for its snack vending machines. The company claims that the long term health benefits of its products may actually increase mental acuity and productivity on the job.


From Vivacious Virginia

Meanwhile, in Portsmouth, VA, Sprout Healthy Vending is preparing to invade the East Coast. Sprout Healthy Vending’s snack vending machines offer healthy candies, chips, protein bars, fruits and vegetables, yogurts, juices and more. While based in California, the company’s “East Coast Invasion” may significantly change our perception of vending machine services.


Is Healthy Food the Way of the Future?

The fact is, our perception of food is changing. An overriding, gradual shift is taking place in Americans’ perception of diet and health. This means that alternative vending machine services and snack vending machines may provide a significant benefit in some marketplaces.