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NASA Rethinks the Average Vending Machine

Looking for a vending machine that is out of the ordinary? Look no further than NASA. NASA is already known for thinking out of this world, so it is no wonder that they have taken vending machines far beyond the typical pop machine at their Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Inside this facility they have a vending machine that dispenses precision drill bits, saw blades, couplers, and other tools.

The NASA facility located at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, is home to several of the tool vending machines. The CribMaster Tool Company provides much more than the average vending machine service. NASA’s engineers and scientists have access to all the necessary parts and small tools needed for their work in these machines.

Imagine as engineers are working on constructing robotic spacecraft for a future mission and they discover they need a different size drill bit. All that needs to be done is to send someone over to the vending machine to select the necessary part to get the job done.

Most people are content to have a candy or pop machine in their workplace, but few can say they have access to tool parts and accessories. The vending machine service also helps NASA track the parts and other small tools that are used in the Jet Propulsion Lab. NASA is not the only company to use this vending machine service, CribMaster machines are designed specifically to help companies inventory their tools and parts.

The tool vending machines at NASA show the possibilities that exist for the future of vending at companies everywhere. Businesses could eventually expand beyond the typical snack offerings in their offices to offer the necessary tools for their workers’ trade from general office supplies to electronic equipment. Machines at this level allow for precise inventory of materials and easy access for workers to find the items needed to complete their work.

While Quench Vending supplies typical products for your business or school from snacks to beverages; the vending machines like those at NASA show all the possibilities that exist beyond the everyday pop machine. Quench Vending provides services to Denver and northern Colorado.

The public can see NASA’s tool vending machines in person during the public tours that are periodically offered at the facility. The future of vending machines is infinite and products like those at NASA will continue to help the business world rethink the possibilities that exist with these machines.