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Interesting Vending Machines From Around the World

Vending machines have been a staple around the world for many years. By depositing mere pocket change into a vending machine you have access to an array of wares from snacks and drinks to even more interesting and niche products. Vending machines dispense an array of interesting and useful products and the varieties of vending machine items continue to grow every day.

According to a recent blog post on, every region of the world enjoys the fun and ease of vending machines and even has their own unique types of vending machines. Here’s a fun look at some interesting vending machine services from around the world.


Down under, residents can find vending machines that sell gemstones. Australia is an area that is commonly mined and has an array of gemstones available. For two Australian dollars, you can purchase gemstones from converted snack machines. 


It is estimated that there’s nearly one vending machine for every 23 people in Japan. It has the highest population of vending machines out there and remains a very viable option for shoppers. A vast majority of vending machines in Japan dispense fairly conventional items such as beverages, cigarettes, and snacks but there is also an array of more niche products that are very popular. Items such as sex toys, fresh meat, liquor, mp3 players, and even live lobsters are available in Japanese vending machines.


The Netherlands have taken a different approach to the traditional vending machine. A form of snack bar called “Automatieks” or “Automaats” are usually found in busy train stations or shopping districts. These consist of a wall lined with windows that contain hot snack items. When you deposit the necessary coins you can then open one of the windows and remove whichever snack you like. The machines are heated to keep the food items warm and behind the machine is the kitchen where the snacks are prepared. Some Automaats offer seating for customers and most are generally located indoors.

No matter where you find yourself on this planet, you’ll be sure to find some sort of interesting vending services and access to an array of interesting, useful and fun items.

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Sarah Wozniak

Staff Writer, Page1 Online Marketing