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How Vending Services are Going Green

Green advances and energy saving technologies are continually making our lives easier and more energy efficient with less impact on the earth. From transportation to vending services, green technology is improving every aspect of our lives.

Vending machines have been around for quite some time and were one of the first types of machines that were created solely for the purpose of convenience. They were invented so that we would have the capability to purchase anything whenever the need arose. From the original beverage and snack vending machines to machines that dispense stamps, cigarette or even cupcakes, the vending machines business was created so that we could have access to an array of products whenever we wanted them and for a very affordable price.

Due to the fact that snack vending machines are created solely for convenience and are therefore designed to work around the clock, retrofitting vending services machines for better energy efficiency is crucial. Here are some ways that the vending machines business is working on better efficiency for their machines according to an October, 1 blog post on

More Efficient CPU

Many vending machines contain microprocessor chips, similar to desktop computers. Today it is possible to power a chip using only 8 watts of power without sacrificing performance which ends up saving a great deal of energy.

LED Lights Instead of Fluorescents

Vending services rely on lighting within their machines in order to highlight the items that are available for sale inside. With the advent of LED lights which are 40% more energy efficient than fluorescent lights, modern machines allow for proper illumination while also lessening energy consumption.

Power Down Option

Today’s snack vending machines also now have the option to power down when not in use. Similar to lights that go off in dressing rooms and grocery store aisles when nobody is around, when the machine is not being used and hasn’t for a certain amount of time they have the ability to power down which ends up saving on the power that they consume.

By taking these measures, vending machine companies are taking responsibility for their niche. They are doing their part to consume the least amount of energy possible and help integrate green technology into an important industry.