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Healthy Kids: Nourishing Options for Vending Machines in Schools

The topic of vending machines in schools is becoming more and more heated. Childhood obesity is a widespread issue and as a result, individuals and authorities are doing what they can to pinpoint the reasoning behind these rising obesity rates and make some much-needed changes. Many believe that healthier habits need to start earlier in life by educating our children and monitor what they’re eating via school lunches and snacks purchased from vending machines in schools.

As a result many schools are reconsidering not only the availability of vending machines in schools but also what types of products these machines are dispensing. When it comes to eating healthier out of school vending machines there are healthier choices that vending machine companies are putting into machines that will help children to start eating better.

Vending services these days offer much more than just traditional candy vending machines. Certain machines have the availability of offering such items such as dried fruits instead of candy bars or chewy candies. Although dried fruits still contain sugar, they also contain fiber and nutrients. Children can also choose healthier options such as animal crackers, oatmeal and granola bars, and chocolate covered peanuts. The options all contain less calories and more healthy fats and proteins.

When it comes to salty snacks, most vending machine companies offer kids an array of sunflower seeds and nuts. Almonds and peanuts are healthy options as are baked chips and pretzels. Choose chips or other salty snacks that are made with whole grains. Popcorn is another good option as long as they avoid cheese or extra butter varieties.

When it comes to beverages water is always the best option due to the fact that it contains zero fat and calories. If children want something beside water, unsweetened tea is also a good option. Fruit juice is better than soda but still contains a great deal of sugar. If skim milk is offered, this is another healthy option.

If school’s offer refrigerated vending services there are often an array of healthy options such as low-fat yogurt, fruits and baby carrots.

By keeping healthier options in mind, vending machines in school can deliver healthy, low fat options to your children.

Creative Commons License Kevin Dooley via Compfight