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First Lady on NYC Drink Proposal

Soda has been a constant in the American diet since its inception. Many people drink it daily as part of their meals or just as something to drink when they’re doing important tasks. However, many people are not aware of how unhealthy soda can be for them and choose to drink many cans or bottles a day as if it were water.  Studies have found that soda erodes enamel and is loaded with sugar and other chemicals which harm the body. Luckily, many who are in places of power and authority are taking measures to help.

There’s nothing wrong with drinking soda in and of itself. But many people have trouble pacing themselves or watching what they eat and blame the availability of such products for their weight gain or unhealthiness. Many people are unhealthy because they consume large amounts of these products but luckily a very important voice is speaking out about imposing regulation on vending machines. A vending machine is a great way to get a hold of some soda but many people go overboard and Michelle Obama recognizes this.

The wife of the president of the United States recently spoke about imposing regulations on vending machine service but said specifically that she did not want to stop people from consuming the drinks, just bring to light the unhealthiness of the drinks themselves. Michelle Obama’s aim is to impose regulations on the distribution of these drinks around children, such as in cafeterias or places where people gather. However, she has stated that she does not want to impose the regulations herself but to bring to light the need for better regulation when it comes to an item like a pop machine. While a pop machine or vending machine may be a great place to get a nice drink, moderation is important.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg created the proposition to ban the drinks from schools. This proposition has been met with both praise for its thoughtfulness towards health but has also been lambasted by people for trying to control what others eat. This proposition has also come under fire by business owners as they see it as a threat to their profits. Michael Bloomberg is not suggesting that we get rid of vending machine service all together, he is simply saying that is important that we moderate our intake and that having a vending machine service does not mean we get to drink soda constantly. A vending machine or pop machine can be a great way to get a refreshing drink but like everything in life, moderation and watching what you eat is important.