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Environmental Reverse Vending Machines Introduced in the UAE

According to an October article on the website the UAE has become only the second country in the world to start implementing reverse vending machines. These types of reverse vending machines are used to create proper environmental disposal for items that are traditionally hard to recycle or dispose of properly. The UAE’s recent version of reverse vending is for used light bulbs and batteries which solves the problem of where or how to dispose these items that can create hazardous waste. This new type of environmental vending service is revolutionary and also helps protect the environment from harmful pollution and litter.

Five state-of-the-art reverse vending machines were recently put into use during the Green Middle East exhibition. The second in history, the Green Middle East Environmental Management and Technology Exhibition and Conference is focused on the country’s green initiatives and opportunities. The five vending machines each had the capacity to recycle 1,500 light bulbs at a time and can handle up to 800 types and shapes of bulbs. Use of these machines at the exhibition, make the UAE the second country in the world after the UK to use bulb and battery recycling machines.

These machines were created due to the fact that used bulbs and batteries are hazardous wastes that require high priority when it comes to proper disposal. Resorting to the use of landfills for these items often pollutes land and water with an array of hazardous materials including mercury.

The UAE is currently working on additional environmental reverse vending services including reverse vending for plastic bottle recycling and for medical wastes as well. They are also taking other environmental measures that they hope will contribute to a greener UAE including increasing the availability of light bulb and battery disposal collection centers, prizes for taking items like this to responsible disposal sites, and regulation on the commercial use of light bulbs at shopping centers and markets.

“The growing use of green technology in conventional industries also promotes the development of new and refinement of existing green technologies, giving strategic benefits to the economy,” said Saif Mohammed Al Midfa.

Mark Colliton via Compfight