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Consumers Can Now Play Games on a Vending Machine

When it comes to the growth of the vending machine industry my first thought is, “what about the people wanting to buy snacks or drinks at the same time”? I’d like an answer to that, as our sales depend on availability and convenience of the vending machine. I’ll keep an upbeat attitude about this possible future use of our machines, but you bet we’ll keep an eye on the developments, too.
The scenario in the title above, however, will more than likely become a possibility, according to Steve Smith’s article “Will vending machines be your Phone’s Next Tandem Screen”? In his May 17, 2012 article in MediaPost Publications.
Your phone’s ability to interact with other screens may well go beyond we’re accustomed to that of linking with the television.
We already know of people m-paying for their Cokes with their phones. According to Vendor’s Exchange International, makers of “smart” vending machines with touch screen ability, their next step will be to turn your candy vending machine, for example, into an interactive touch screen. With your phone in hand, you’ll be able to approach the vending machine and it will scan a code off your phone and trigger a game. If you win, you might get a discount off your next purchase or even a free coke or candy bar.
The coming technology seems to turn digital screens of all types, including signage and vending machines, into an interactive screen that can be connected to your phone in order to purchase something.
Frost & Sullivan has done research that shows that these “smart” vending machines will see a compound annual growth rate of 49 percent. One goal seems to be cashless payments, which some beverage manufacturers believe will help raise average sales per machine.
I have some reservations about all this “progress”? Will vending machine services such as this become the way of the future? Will we find a way to make it helpful? Will a person wanting to use the candy vending machines want to wait for people to complete a game? That game will have to be very quick. After all, these candy vending machines and beverage vending machines were supposed to supply some energy to make it through the rest of the day!
It looks like the manufacturers- and, through them, the consumers, will make the decisions of the on the vending machine services of the future, and that’s a good thing.