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Coke Machine or Laptop?

There is a pop machine almost everywhere. You can’t go very far without running across one. You will find one in your workplace’s breakroom, as well as in schools and other businesses. They have become part of our way of life. A vending machine is convenient for the vending service because it allows the product to be sold without much effort or maintenance. It is convenient for the consumer because it makes the product available all of the time and not just during business hours. All the vending service has to do is stock the machine and collect the funds. Technology is currently changing everything, including the vending machine industry. Now, if someone mentions an Intel processor, it may be necessary to wonder if he is talking about a laptop or a Coke machine. Yes, you understood correctly.


The classic pop machine is now quickly becoming a thing of the past, especially with what may be coming down the tube. The latest in Coke machines is one featuring an Intel processor. With this addition, the vending machine becomes a complete vending service. The large buttons featuring the logos of your favorite beverages are replaced with a touchscreen. The consumer uses this screen to choose the beverage. Payment options include cash, credit card, and even payment apps. These payment choices accommodate the cash-using consumer as well as the many of us who don’t carry cash around. At the consumer’s discretion, the pop machine can even take photos. The machine takes pictures only of people who choose to participate. Think of it as participating in market research. These photos allow the vending service to determine which people in which area are purchasing certain products. This information can be used when deciding how to stock each machine.


You’re probably fascinated but all of this, but you are probably wondering why you have never seen one of these vending machines. They are not yet in use in the United States. They are currently only located in certain parts of South America. It is sort of a test run. More than likely, they will show up in the U.S. sometime soon. It is only a matter of time. Be on the lookout, and maybe one of these high-tech machines will show up in your breakroom at work.