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Coffee Vending Machines: How Much Caffeine is in My Coffee?

America is addicted to coffee, more specifically the caffeine that is found in the coffee.  In offices, cafeterias and break rooms across the nation, we are either making or running to the vending machine for our daily coffee fix. Whatever the reason, America needs its coffee to run properly and as a result coffee vending machines only continue to grow in popularity.

So how much caffeine is actually in your morning cup of coffee? Here is some info on how to figure out how much caffeine is in your coffee based off of a recent article on

A Little Background

Caffeine is normally measured in milligrams. Once milligram is one-thousandth of a gram and even when found in such small doses it asks as a powerful stimulant to the human nervous system. In fact, a can of Coke contains a mere 35 milligrams of caffeine but can pack a powerful punch and quick caffeine boost.

Caffeine Content

Amounts of caffeine in any cup of coffee varies based on a few differing elements including the type of bean used to make the grounds, amount of grounds used to make the coffee, method of brewing, and of course, the amount that you drink.

Filter Basket Coffee Maker

The strongest coffees are created with a standard filter basket coffee maker this is due to the fact that the hot water remains in contact with the grounds until its own weight pulls it through the filter, giving it plenty of time to absorb a lot of caffeine. An eight ounce cup usually contains 145 mg of caffeine. If a coffee drinker brews a 10 or 12 cup pot and drinks the entire pot throughout the day, they can drink nearly 1,740 milligrams of caffeine in one day.

Coffee Press

Pressed coffee steeps it in hot water before using a mesh basket to sieve the water from the grounds. A cup of coffee using a coffee press contains nearly 108 milligrams of caffeine.

Instant Coffee

This is the weakest variety of coffee, containing merely 57 milligrams per cup. Instant coffee does give coffee drinkers the opportunity to measure exactly how much caffeine they would like to ingest but measuring the amount of coffee used.


A shot of espresso contains 77 milligrams; however, it is only an ounce and a half of liquid. Ounce for ounce, espresso contains over 50 milligrams per ounce which is three times as much as a regular filter brewed cup.

Coffee Vending Machines

Coffee purchased from a vending machine service differs in how much caffeine it contains based on which method is used to make it. Vending machines use an array of methods including filter brewing, instant or mechanized espresso shots. A simple calculation can usually help you figure out how much caffeine you’re consuming. If your vending machine uses filter brew and serves you a 6 ounce cup of coffee, that can be considered as 145 mg, times a smaller cup (6/8), times less coffee grounds (75%), which equals about 82 mg. You can also contact the vending machine service and ask them how much caffeine a standard cup of coffee has in it.

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Sarah Wozniak

Staff Writer, Page1 Online Marketing