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Coca Cola Introduces the Innovative Peak Shift Soda Vending Machine

In a press release distributed last month by Coca Cola Japan and reported by, it is reported that in celebration of the 50th year since Coca Cola vending machines were introduced into the market, they are unveiling what they call one of the most innovative vending machines in the past 50 years and its called peak shift vending service.

These new peak shift vending machines offer environmental measures to ensure that vending machines are becoming more sustainable. The machines shift the use of power for cooling from the general daytime “peak demand period” to nighttime, when there is less strain on the power supply.  It is estimated that a peak shift soda vending machine will be able to provide cooled products for 16 hours while reducing daytime power consumption by a whopping 95%. In addition, wintertime power consumption will also be reduced by 20% when compared to current vending machines. Combined with power consumed for cooling, the new Coca Cola peak shift vending machines are able to reduce power consumption by 68%. 

From January to December 2013, Coca Cola plans to invest more than 10 billion yen into peak shift vending machines and nearly 25,000 units will be installed. A forerunner in ecological innovations in services, they also plan to continue to implement further innovations while promoting the installation of peak shift vending machines.

Due to its innovative cooling of all products, effective insulation and increased airtightness, the peak shift vending machine is the most technologically advanced vending machine around. The technology shifts power use for cooling from daytime to nighttime which results in less strain on the power supply. In addition, the time required to cool products that were filled at room temperature is reduced by 25%.

Tim Brett, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Franchise Operations & Commercial Leadership is quite enthusiastic about the introduction of this new and revolutionary soda vending machine.

“Coca-Cola Japan has continually developed its vending machines over the past 50 years in pursuit of greater consumer convenience. After the earthquake disaster last year, the need to reduce energy consumption has increased and we take our responsibility as market leader very seriously. With these peak shift vending machines, we have realized environmentally friendly innovation. These could be called the most revolutionary vending machines in the past 50 years of vending machine history. Vending machines have evolved in many ways over the past 50 years, but peak shift vending machines are a breakthrough in the true sense of the word and I am sure that they are the most important innovation yet.”

Peak shift vending was created jointly by Coca Cola Japan and Fuji Electric.

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Sarah Wozniak

Staff Writer, Page1 Online Marketing