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Break Up the Day with Coffee Vending Machines!

We’re all familiar with the coffee break concept. Coffee vending machines, however, are a bit less common. But these machines alongside the more popular candy vending machines can help employers provide an enjoyable, convenient, and safe break for hard-working employees. As researchers continue to discover ways to reduce stress and assist productivity within the workplace, incremental breaks resurface again and again.


Why Break?
Sedentary and high-stress jobs place extra strain on the body and mind. Health experts recommend breaks to stretch the muscles, rest the eyes, and relieve the mind. Intense and task-driven employees often need reminders and motivations to take these breaks, despite the fact that these are the types of employees that need breaks the most. While ten-minute breaks are often advised, even brief reprieves from the working position can protect the body and mind of an employee. In this era of high demand, it’s often up to an employer to encourage and provide for breaks that employees might otherwise be hesitant to take. So establishing a pleasant break room, for example, can encourage walks while providing options for small treats like candy or coffee. Vending machines for coffee especially aid the driven employee who wouldn’t normally take the time to brew the perfect traditional cup. Just as candy vending machines with a wide array of choices can discourage the mindless, sedentary nibbling at the desk while also promoting more casual and friendly co-worker interactions throughout the day, so coffee vending machines can encourage a broader group to frequent the break room and discourage hours locked into an unnatural position in front of a computer screen.


Break When?
Frequency of breaks can depend on the needs of specific employees. Morning and afternoon breaks spaced about two hours before and after lunch will provide the most balanced break schedule. Chunking the day by scheduling regular breaks can improve productivity since employees will be working toward a definite, foreseeable goal. Of course it always helps if that goal includes something especially tantalizing like coffee or candy! Vending machines once again can keep that break appealing while often providing the needed energy boosts for the next work session. Coffee vending machines can keep even the most health-conscious refreshed and revived, especially during those afternoons that seem to drag on forever. Employees will work harder and smarter for employers who help them find creative and productive ways to break up their days!