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Beer Vending Machines: A Machine of the Future?

Do you dream of a world that exists solely to provide freshly chilled beers on a whim? Your dreams are about to become a reality with the development of beer vending machines. Whether you have always enjoyed visiting a nearby snack machine for a bag of pretzels or a quick candy bar, you may soon have the option of purchasing an ice-cold beer right out of a machine. Vending machines have been around since the early 1880′s and were coin-operated at the time, often dispensing candy bars, snacks and in some cases, cigarettes. In today’s world, many vending machines are computer operated and some include artificial intelligence and robotic personalities when serving the customers.

If you are interested in knowing more about the vending services that include getting a beer from a vending machine, you can research the machines and manufacturers of the vending services right from home by going online. The beer vending machine that is currently operating in Boston includes a personality by the name of “Arnie” and speaks directly to customers while the machine fulfills the order and delivers the beer using the automated service. The machine was originally developed after the advertising company, Arnold Worldwide, received $100,000 in investment capital to get the project off the ground and to begin development. The machine includes a touch-screen service that talks customers through the ordering process and automatically tweets and updates its own Facebook and Twitter accounts to announce refills needed and sales throughout the day. It also randomly asks the staff members of the ad agency to “hang out” with him in the break room. The name “Arnie” was given to the machine after the company’s name, Arnold Worldwide. When five staffers (or people in the building) from the company order five bears all within 20 minutes, Arnie sends automatic invites on various social networks to the staff to invite them to hang out.

Whether you are interested in knowing more about a snack machine or a specific type of beer vending machine, you are able to find operation information, prices, and even mechanical details by reading on the official manufacturer’s website and by browsing online for the answers yourself. Researching vending services helps you to better understand the services and products they are capable of providing with today’s technology.

Enjoying an ice-cold bottled or can beer may be a dream for some who do not have the machines for beer available near them yet, but it may soon be as common as a traditional snack machine that is available at local carnivals and outdoor events.