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Artwork Vending Machines in Tampa Bay

The usefulness and convenience of vending machines have assisted an array of people since vending machines were first introduced to the public many years ago. Not only do customers who are looking to conveniently purchase a variety of items by merely inserting coins and pushing a button find them useful but more and more types of businesses are also hopping on board the vending services train as well.

According to a recent article on the website, an artist in Tampa Bay is using vending machines as an additional platform to make works of art created by local artists more accessible to the masses. He has transformed dated novelty sticker vending machines into portable dispensers that dispense items like prints, sticker art and photography created by local artists. The man behind the newest vending innovation is Daniel Markovich, a recent winner of the Awesome Tampa Bay’s microgrants program. 

Markovich was inspired primarily by his own experience at art shows where he noticed that due to the hefty price tags on a majority of the art many patrons often went home empty-handed even if they really enjoyed a piece of art. He believes that his new art vending machine will offer an opportunity to those on a limited budget that want to own local artwork.

“Art plays a huge role in the culture of a city,” says Markovich, owner and designer for Etchd Unlimited, “With so many talented people very often overlooked, I sought out to find a way to help distribute their work that is fun, affordable and engaging.”

By taking an old snack machine and converting it into a vending machine for local art, Markovich is not only helping local artists thrive but he is also increasing art awareness in his community as well.

Awesome Tampa Bay is an independent, self-funded philanthropic community created to further Tampa Bay’s ‘awesomeness’ by awarding $1,000 microgrants on a quarterly basis. There are no strings attached and no claim to ownership of projects awarded these grants, which allows the recipients much more control and independence then compared to other grant programs.

“We select projects based on multiple criteria but specifically those that can have a big impact with a micro grant; Daniel’s project does just that,” says Razi Amador, dean of awesomeness for Awesome Tampa Bay, “It gives local artists visibility and local venues a chance to participate in the arts movement in a unique way, and we think that is awesome.”

Eddie Codel via Compfight

Sarah Wozniak

Staff Writer, Page1 Online Marketing